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More so today than ever before, we see books and information as a literal machine, a technology. Tablet devices, like the iPad, brought our world into a new age and they continue to turn limits into possibilities, to enhance experiences and to expand capabilities. Your Tablet may be important to you for a million different reasons and functions, but no matter what you love most about it, the best way to cover and protect your device is with a CASEMODO Tablet Case.

Custom iPad Cases | CaseModo

You use your iPad for many things. It’s a tool for education, entertainment, staying in touch. It puts the world within hands’ reach, right underneath your fingers. You can take it on the road, wherever you go. It gives you freedom to stay connected to the world at your convenience. Use it to express yourself. Express yourself with a cool custom iPad case from CaseModo to protect your tablet.
We have custom iPad cases that fit iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, & iPad mini.

We specialize in Officially Licensed iPad Cases for Colleges, Universities, Fraternities and Sororities. Our Officially Licensed merchandise is available at this link:

Looking for something more unique? If you have something else in mind, you can even design your own custom tablet cover. Pick a photo of your friends, pets, hobbies, sports, games, anything you can think of, and submit it for the cover your own custom designed iPad case. Use your favorite creative apps like Instagram or Photoshop to make a it your own work of art. Create your own pattern to show off your artistic talents. Add some flair to your tablet with a custom iPad case from CaseModo. Design your entire case with Photoshop or our own Casemodo Designer. Or, you can browse through our collection to pick out your tablet cover. We have a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from. Look up your school by name. Custom design your own iPad case to capture your passions and show off your uniqueness. You can also add text in a variety of fonts. Add your name and contact information in case you lose your iPad, or include a favorite inspirational quote. The possibilities are endless. There’s no limit, you’re in control.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? We have wide selection of fabric liners for your tablet cover in a number of different colors and patterns. Our fabric liners are soft against your screen to absorb pressure from outside elements to prevent the glass from cracking. You can even submit your own design for the interior of your case to customize it any way you wish. Try out different combinations of our current iPad case designs and linings. You can visualize how the combination will turn out on our order form before placing your order.

Its sleek, practical design is perfect for anyone. We thought of everything. We included openings in the frame for power switch, volume controls, headphone jack, microphone, speakers, and front and rear cameras. The reinforced split back cover gives your iPad stand up capabilities when it’s in the CaseModo case. Your iPad sits up at multiple angles displaying the tablet, allow you to read it like a book, play your favorite apps , listen to music, and watch your favorite tv shows and movies hands free in a comfortable reclining position. No more crouching forward holding your screen up with one hand.

Protect your tablet from minor catastrophes. Our custom iPad cases close and stay closed with hidden magnets along the frame and front cover. Prevents particles and debris from smudging your screen when it’s put away. We offer Smart Covers as well, so that your custom iPad case will put your device to sleep when it’s closed, and wake it up when you open the cover again. Your iPad will be protected against accidents like light spills and short distance drops.

If you have an idea you don’t see on our website, send us a suggestion or request. Who knows, maybe your own suggestion may be made into a case we display on our website.

With a custom iPad case from CaseModo, you’ll have the coolest tablet around. Let your creativity guide you. What are you waiting for? Start building your custom iPad case now.